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Addressing the SDGs through Reforestation and Tree Plantations

Partner: Sustainable Green Initiative (SGI)

September 2022 – ongoing


SGI is committed to actively addressing the SDGs through ecosystem-based reforestation and plantations.


Sustainable Green Initiative (SGI) was founded with the objective of combating hunger and poverty and addressing the impacts of climate change, while contributing to the country's green cover. Since 2012, SGI has overseen the planting of over 7.5 million trees across twelve states in India. SGI believes it is humanity's collective duty to strive towards reversing some of the damage it has wrought upon the environment, climate and people. Planting trees is an easy and cost-effective solution, providing numerous co-benefits. SGI and their partners plant mangroves, fruit trees and timber trees.

Consultancy Services Provided

Project Design; Impact Monitoring & Verification; Network Building 

We support SGI in their work by facilitating new collaborations with NGOs, CBOs, technical and scientific experts, research institutions and other relevant partners for large-scale reforestation and plantation; designing responsible science-based plantation projects (including activity plans, monitoring frameworks, work schedules, budgets, deliverables, sustainability and exit strategies); implementing monitoring and impact verification systems; and meeting reporting requirements.

Part of our work will now focus on understanding (and financing) opportunities to develop carbon projects with benefits to community and biodiversity.


Our regular monitoring and verification will enable SGI to measure the survival of their reforestation and plantation efforts, and their social and environmental impacts, in order to  better manage and strengthen existing and future projects. 

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