EcoNiche is a conservation consultancy based in Goa. We work with partners across India to develop  evidence-informed, equitable, inclusive and sustainable approaches & actions to address challenges facing our natural environment. We provide guidance and support to identify, synthesise and assess what works, how, for whom and at what cost.



With experience of real-world projects, understanding of the conservation sector, and insight into stakeholder needs and perspectives, we support with project proposal and strategy design and development, impact evaluations and resilience and capacity assessments.


In partnership with conservation leaders across India, we provide hands-on biodiversity expertise, developed across a broad range of backgrounds, through the development of monitoring and evaluation practices, design of knowledge materials and communication of results to a wide range of stakeholders.


We facilitate connections between practitioners, organisations, businesses, local communities, and research institutions, for shared-value conservation impacts. Our integrated and collaborative approaches allow us to interpret complex information and deliver clear, easily digestible advice. 

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Climate change is a long-term reality; its story is about our communities and lives. It does not impact us in the same ways around India. Children will need to contend with a present, and future, of food, water and biodiversity crises, in the context of intensifying weather events. They will need to be prepared to live in a rapidly-changing climate, particularly in vulnerable regions, like our coastlines. Many educators have little or no formal training on how to teach the subject. With the ever-changing research on climate change, formal education systems do not often address the subject in integrated and locally relevant ways. Working with partners across India, we're developing a toolbox to strengthen climate literacy in the country, by enabling educators to easily convey complex climate science in relatable ways, and engage children in relevant discussions and meaningful actions. Stay tuned for more!


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