Conservation challenges are complex and interconnected. They can no longer be addressed with incremental progress & singular thinking.

We Need Transformative Leadership & Change

EcoNiche works with partners across India and the region, to collaboratively develop evidence-informed, equitable, inclusive and sustainable conservation solutions. We provide guidance and support to produce, synthesise and assess what works, how, for whom and at what cost.


Feasibility studies; Institutional capacity assessments; Project and strategy design and development; Proposal writing; Risk and impact assessments

Learning & Adapting

Design and development of monitoring frameworks and practices; Management effectiveness studies; Evaluation and communication of results and lessons


Connections and capacity-building for shared-value collaborations; strategy and programme building skills

What We Bring To The Table

A strong understanding of the sector & its challenges

With experience of real-world projects, understanding of the conservation sector, and insight into stakeholder needs and perspectives, we advise project strategy development, impact delivery and risk management.


Access to front-line expertise

In partnership with conservation leaders across the region, we provide hands-on biodiversity expertise, developed across a broad range of backgrounds, including inter-governmental organisations, research and private sector.

Opportunities for new partnerships & collaborations

between governments, practitioners, businesses, local communities, and research institutions, to fulfil conservation needs and achieve collective impact. Our integrated and collaborative approaches allow us to interpret complex information and deliver clear, easily digestible advice. 

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