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Climate Education
Strengthening Climate Literacy

August 2021

With rapidly changing research and impacts, education systems are unable to address climate change in integrated and locally relevant ways, which is a disservice to children who need to be prepared for a climatically uncertain and disruptive future.

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Future generations will have to contend with a climatically uncertain future, which will impact key systems (food, water etc.) that underpin human society © Nisha DSouza

Climate change is a longterm reality; its story is about our communities and lives. Young people need to be prepared to live in a rapidly changing climate. Many educators have little or no formal training or resources to teach the subject. With rapidly changing research, formal education systems do not address climate change in integrated and locally relevant ways. Together with our partners, the Suganthi Devadason Marine Research Institute (SDMRI) and Journeys with Meaning, we published a climate learning activity booklet to address this challenge, with a focuses on coastal Tamil Nadu! 

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